Promoting inclusive and sustainable innovation in Africa

March 9, 2016


Aalto University representatives Ms Teija Lehtonen, Director of Aalto Global Impact, and Prof Marko Nieminen, Department of Computer Science, attended the 2016 STIAS – Wallenberg Roundtable on Innovation for Prosperity in Stellenbosch on 22 and 23 February 2016.

The Roundtable event afforded the opportunity for lively discussions and debates with close to 60 South African, regional and international participants spanning sectors from policy and decision makers to academics, researchers, business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Inclusive and sustainable innovation was emphasized during the Roundtable discussions. This approach promotes co-creation with marginalized groups in the informal sector. Education at all levels, skill development, and entrepreneurship were considered as key factors enabling human capital development. The role of universities in the context of innovation systems was considered to be in transition. Collaboration with vocational training institutes and community-based organisations in informal settlements improves the entrepreneurial capabilities in the communities.

The full Roundtable Statement can be found on the STIAS-website (

This post was written by Teija Lehtonen

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